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African Bulk SMS

Your Best Bulk SMS Service Provider

no. 5 Riethaan Street, Florida Lake, Roodepoort, South Africa + Add review


African Bulk SMS is a leading bulk SMS marketing company in South Africa.  Improve your company revenue and corporate image through SMS advertising.  Even small businesses can now get a portion of the market share that was previously limited to big corporates with big TV and radio advertising budgets.  We have bulk SMS price plans to match any budget.

You get high returns on your investment with SMS messaging.  This is because SMS has high open rates.  This means that 98% of potential clients open an SMS message within 5 minutes of its delivery.  This translates to high user engagement and in turn better sales for you.  Bulk SMS online sending is easy.  Our SMS portal is user-friendly and you get assistance all the way.  There is no need to install bulk SMS software on your computer.  You may send your text message from any device that has an internet connection.

Your clients do not need to be connected to a data network.  Even an ordinary phone can receive an SMS message.  This means that you can reach even the most remote parts of the country where users do not have smartphones, increasing your market reach.  All that your clients need is a connection to a cellular network.

Call us on +27 61 415 3083 for more information.