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Bogu Freelance

Do it your way - best digital freelance platform for Africa

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BOGU is a peer to peer Digital Marketplace for freelancers. We offer a platform for anyone with any skill to offer their digital services online to another for an income. Our platform helps businesses and individuals also get affordable and easily accessible freelance services. Anything from Typing Services, Graphic Design, Book Publishing, Professional Services, Musicians, WordPress Help, Web Design, or Marketing, we have it all. We are a Pan African freelance marketplace based in South Africa. We believe in Africa, her people, her skill and her capacity. We believe that the next best thing in talent is coming out of Africa and we want to be the driver of that success.
The Idea
BOGU is an idea that was started by demand and need for innovative job creation and client sourcing for a South African audience. One of the key areas of focus for us is to allow peers and brands to sell to each other directly through affordable and reputable service providers on our platform and to allow them to reach each other quickly and affordably.
Opportunity and Flexibility
The idea of freelance marketplaces is not new or novel at all. Some of the world’s largest Freelance services are not accommodating to local freelancers. Furthermore, bigger platforms mean bigger competition pools and fewer opportunities. Bogu is all about tailored local freelance opportunities for our sellers and flexible quality and value for our buyers.