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CMC Networks Has Changed The Cross Border Connectivity Issues

International Termination path Diversity


Since the day of inception of the company, CMC networks has worked tirelessly to make sure that their customers stay connected all the time. With this motto in their minds, the company has tried to help the telecommunication companies which are working in hostile geographical locations. Take Africa for example. The continent is not only operationally challenging but also ridden with political turbulence. Despite all these obstacles, CMC Networks has been able to successfully help the telecommunication companies of the continent to offer next-generation connection to its customers.


It is CMC Networks, who is tirelessly working behind the scene using international termination path diversity to ensure that the people of African get the best possible services without any disruptions. In the last couple of years, the company has been able to maintain world-class latency and reliability standards in offering services across the African Continent.


Before CMC Networks step in the telecommunication sector of Africa, the companies of the region was at loss. Offering uninterrupted services to the telecommunication sector is not easy. More often than not, the telecommunication companies of the country were riddled with the problems, like link or connectivity outages. It was almost impossible for the companies to offer their customers with consistent high-quality services, which affects the business and other ventures of the government and the private sector alike.

CMC Networks has solved this problem smartly. With time, we have collaborated with more than 128 technologies to make sure the customers get benefits of the next-generation path diversity.

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