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Plastic Equipment Manufacturing

109 Samuel Evans Road, Aeroton, Johannesburg South, South Africa + Add review


Since 1972 M.E.E. has been at the forefront of designing and building equipment, in South Africa, for the joining of plastic products. This includes small and large Dielectric (High Frequency) welders as well as auxiliary machines e.g. Slitter-Cross Cutters, large Slitting machines and specialised Hydraulic presses. In 1980 M.E.E. obtained the sole agency from a well known German Ultrasonic Machine manufacturer with a vast pool of knowledge in Ultrasonic Systems. This know-how was past on to M.E.E. and we became one of the leading Ultrasonic suppliers in South Africa. Our machines are used in a large variety of industries ranging from, motor-car and truck manufacturing, stationery and advertising goods, educational items, inflatable articles, pharmaceutical and medical requirements, protective clothing, furniture goods and makers of circus tents as well as marquees and truck tarpaulins.
M.E.E. have developed the first dedicated HF Welding machine for large area welding of PVC coated fabrics many years ago. Since then our model ME750 B, ME1000 B and ME1500 B are used successfully everywhere.
A vast pool of experience is available to advise you on your application. A large team of devoted specialists assisted by a CAD system, is creating, down to the smallest details, all items produced by M.E.E. Our expert tool making department is available to advise, design and manufacture any Ultrasonic and HF welding tools to the most demanding standards.
An extensive selection of spares and consumables for HF welding and Ultrasonic machines ranging from converters, boosters, oscillator valves, capacitors, resistors, barrier foils, down to relays and timers is available ex. stock. For the “Do it yourself” constructor of electrodes M.E.E. offers a wide range of Toolrules as well as precision engraved items such as hanging hole cutters, oval and round weld cutters, mounting brackets etc.