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Racing Technik

The best carbon cleaning & injector recon service available


Mechanical Repairs

Welcome to Racing Technik, a RMI 5 Star graded workshop which specializes in mechanical repair, maintenance and performance upgrades of Audi, BMW, Porsche VW and high-end sports cars. Our Carbon Cleaning together with our Injector Cleaning and Testing services sets us apart from other workshops, thus offering these services to the end Customer as well as other Workshops and Automotive Dealers.

We are a passionate team of restoration and multi-skilled motorsport enthusiasts. We have an unapologetically and uncompromising attitude towards quality and excellence. Detail attention and personal care together with ingrained responsibility with each task we tackle are some of our trademarks.

The Owner, Carel van der Walt has a particular interest and love of cars, ranging from pre WWII single seat Grand Prix racers with the likes of Auto Union Type C and D, and Mercedes W 154 and W25 to modern day race cars. He has awe and admiration of sensually curved aluminium and intricate patterns of pop rivets that has a certain sense of appeal. He is well travelled and raced amongst other supercars on the one and only Top Gear Test Track, and no, The Stig was not there… He had the opportunity to experience and appreciate first-hand the beauty of the bare naked aluminium Porsche Type 64 and the awesomely breath-taking 1934 Silver Arrows in Stuttgard. Nürburgring in a Group C Series Porsche 962 is still on his Bucket List, but for now doing 122kts 40Ft AGL in a BK 117 B1 with 750 HP twin turbines or skiing and mountain biking makes him smile.

So, when you visit and experience our workshop, you shall immediately realise we are a cut above the rest. If you are a demanding customer who wants things to be done right, first time around, then you shall feel at home and confident in our capabilities