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Simons Says

25 Constitution Hill, Port Elizabeth Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa + Add review



The year 2001 was not only a greatly significant time for Apple with the launch of iTunes but also for SimonSAYS. It was the year that Simon decided to set up a design shop and put his name on the letterhead. And to date, with over a decade in the branding industry, his advertising agency is a creative force to be reckoned with in the beautiful Nelson Mandela Bay area of Port Elizabeth.

What makes this Port Elizabeth based graphic design and marketing agency different and in essence your brand too… is that we offer our clients contemporary trends in website design. We have the uncanny ability of creating the perfect symmetry throughout a brand’s print and online marketing.

It’s through this use of this current technology that we see ourselves as the MacGyver’s of the Nelson Mandela Bay advertising industry. Our enduring mission, likewise to Richard Dean Anderson’s legendary mullet that cannot be erased from our childhood memories, is to leave an iconic legacy in the minds of our clients upon the success of their branding adventure with us.

Upon closer inspection it’s clearly evident that there is a striking resemblance between MacGyver’s battles for world peace and our branding solutions – our strategic minds are what set us free. Our brand strategygraphic design; public relations; marketing and website design are our secret weapons that ensure we deliver quality work, on time, every time.

And it’s through this liberation that our credible track record of creativity becomes evident in the calibre of our growing client base. With a team that embodies strong graphic and website design and public relations skills, we have the confidence and the extraordinary ability to keep our diverse brands in a league above the best.

We are different and you could be too.