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About FreeFind South Africa

FreeFind SA is one of the premier online business directories in the country. With us, you are able to list your South African business for free! Listing your business on FreeFind means that all South African users can view your listing and share their experiences of your business with a wider community. FreeFind SA’s community has discerning taste, so listing your business with us will open it up to a premier audience. 

We are a visual search directory, and encourage our clients to put as much effort as possible into their business listings. Our road map is to become one of the best visual search directories in the world and to achieve this goal, we are expanding globally.   

You take your brand seriously, and so do we. And this is why we ask all of our users to ensure that they provide correct, up-to-date business information as well as high-quality images for their listings. Not only will this look amazing on our site, but your listing will perform better in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). We accept a wide range of businesses and industries but have certain regulations when it comes to listings. You can find these on our FAQ page. 

As a business owner using FreeFind SA, you will find the following benefits:

  • Manage your online reputation by allows customers to share their feedback through our reviews system.
  • Access and update your business listing at any time. 
  • Take advantage of our impressive SEO ranking in order to provide an additional boost to your own efforts. 
  • Your search engine page ranking will improve, and this could lead potential clients to your website. To improve this possibility, you should add the latest news and information about your business and products to your listing. 
  • Improve your online visibility by encouraging users to leave reviews about their experiences with your business. 
  • Boost your local visibility and target customers who are in your area and searching for your business or similar businesses. 
  • Make use of a free platform to improve your online marketing efforts. 


FreeFind SA can open doors of opportunity for your business in a simple and effective manner. 

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