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Stanler Farms – Top Soil Cape Town


It is this addition of compost which helps plants thrive and also produces a fertile growing base for any project. Our topsoil is worlds apart from the other options on the market because the added compost provides additional nutrients to the soil and allows good drainage for water.

The topsoil we offer is also useful for those with sandy soil, as the compost can help to improve the structure. This can lead to a more level lawn, perfect for landscaping a manicured lawn or improving an uneven garden.

Topsoil is often confused with lawn dressing, but these are two different products. Topsoil is designed to sustain plant life by adding nutrients into the soil. It sits on top of the soil and is used for growing plants and vegetation. Lawn dressing is a fine layer of soil that is used to even out the level of your garden and for planting new grass.