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7 Leads


7 Leads is a website and digital marketing agency in Cape Town and Pretoria. We assist companies with their online marketing and overall sales of products. 



We offer 3 types of websites packages. The Standard website package is ideal for companies that use their website only as a tool to show their profile and services. The Premium website package is suited for businesses who require detailed information that needs to be communicated to their clients. The Custom website package is anything from E-commerce to client login areas. We are also experts in building custom software. What you need, we can build.


Digital Marketing:

A good digital partner will always ask you how much sales did you make last month.  The motive of the question is based on the productivity of the website. The client’s website is carefully monitored to ensure that there are enough leads that are converted into successful sales. 

Therefore,  digital marketing company’s job is to represent your company online and ensure you make money.