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Air conditioner Installation Services by Gauteng Aircon

air conditioner installation


Air conditioner Installation Services by Gauteng Aircon

Gauteng Aircon provides top air conditioner installation services in Gauteng – pretoria and Johannesburg towns.

We install many ac unit-types as well as many air conditioner brands popular in the country.

You can choose from various air conditioner brands from the list below

Samsung air conditioners

LG air conditioners

Jet-air air conditioners

Gree air conditioners

Alliance air conditioners

Dunham-bush air conditioners

York air conditioners

Daiking air conditioners


LG Air Conditioner Installation

10 Year Warranty on LG Inverter Outdoors!!!

We repair and install LG air conditioners, a product for durability and comfort.

They have smart controls that work very well with the G ThinQ app.

Comfort and low noise level

Fast cooling & heating

Low electricity usage as they come in inverter form.

Install Jet-Air Air Conditioners for comfort and at lower cost

We have been installing Jet-air units for many years

If cost is a major factor, we guarantee low cost of installing an air conditioner that is also durable.

Additionally, if you are not sure on the model choice, we can assist you to choose one. Wide range of Jet-air inverter models as well as Jet air non inverter models to suit your pocket.

New air conditioner installations, with electrical power supply. Once we are done, you have your unit is ready for use.

Re-installation of air conditioner units for instance during home make overs of rooms and offices.

Dunham Bush Air Conditioners are penetrating the market

We offer Dunham Bush air conditioning installations and repairs.

Request a quote for installation of Dunham Bush air conditioners. Gauteng Aircon installs mid-wall split dunham bush ac units, ceiling units, and under ceiling air con units.We are very familiar with the Dunham Bush International brands of aircons, and we install the units in a professional manner.

Alliance Air Conditioner Installation & Repairs

Alliance Air Conditioner Installation in Johannesburg and Pretoria. At Gauteng Aircon, we have aircon installers for all Alliance models and sizes.

We install all models of Alliance aircon units

Gree Air Conditioners are an emerging brand

We fit in all Gee air conditioner brands, both standard units and inverters.

The list of models to choose from.


Lomo Non-Inverter

U Grace Mid – wall Inverter

Best Lomo Mid – wall inverter

Better Lomo mid – wall

Standard lomo mid wall

Standard window mid-wall

Coolani window mid-wall


Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung, one of the most popular brands in the country, offers many models to choose from for ac installation.

Some of the most asked for units are on the below list

AR4500 with Digital Inverter, New Max AC, 24,000 BTU/h

AR3000HM Wall-mount Non Inverter New Max AC, 24,000 BTU/h

AR5500T Wall-mount AC with Fast Cooling, 24,000 BTU/h

AR7500 Wall-mount AC with Wind-Free™, 24,000 BTU/h

AR9500T Wall-mount AC with AI Auto Cooling and Wind-Free™ Technology, 24,000 BTU/h

AR5500M Wall-mount Fast cooling with Air Direction Control, 24000

AR9500 Wall-mount Wind-free with Wifi, 24000 BTU/h

AR3000M Wall-mount AC with Fast Cooling, 24,000 BTU/h


Check out the York Air Conditioners data Sheet – a decent option for ac installation

The indoor unit for mid wall split air conditioners come with the following features:


Good eye appeal

Top cooling and heating ability

Can restart by a knee-jack operation

Is low on noise

2 way drain system

3D air flow (Option)

Wired controller (Option)

WIFI (Option)