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Alexander May – Magic Entertainment

The Magic Of Alexander May - Cape Town's favourite comedy magician


PLANNING AN EVENT? Then you have just found the solution to ensure you have the most exciting, memorable and mind-blowing entertainment with the magic, comedy & mentalism of Alexander May!

Alexander May is a professional magician & entertainer based in Cape Town, South Africa, who delivers world-class presentations at conferences, fund-raisers, gala dinners, festivals – in fact, anywhere where people require engaging entertainment.

Performing a mixture of mind-boggling magic & fantastic feats of the mind – from making money appear out of thin air to revealing a complete stranger’s password to bending solid steel with his mind – he doesn’t do tricks – he performs magic.

His magic has taken him across the world – from New York, Paris & Las Vegas to Monaco, Los Angeles & Istanbul. Now, with over 20 years of performances under his belt, he has gained his experience from performing for audiences from across the spectrum – from two people in a mud hut in rural Swaziland, to 2000 as an MC for multi-national companies, to 2 million viewers live on national television; together with business openings, school fund-raisers, team-building sessions, exhibition stands and much more in between.

Alexander May offers a hassle-free service at competitive fees. Making every effort to leave your guests impressed and entertained, it is clear why so many individuals, organizations & companies call on him for their entertainment needs. You will definitely not see him pulling rabbits out of hats – he transforms the show into a fun journey of the impossible that will be hard to forget!