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Appliance Warehouse

The number one seller of new and/or damaged appliances in South Africa.

Appliance Warehouse, Botha Avenue, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, South Africa + Add review


Our store carries products in a variety of categories – new branded appliances, box damaged appliances and demo models. New Branded Home Appliances Stock consists of imported & branded appliances classified as NEW APPLIANCES. These items are sold with full manufacturer’s warranty and large appliances carry a full supplier warranty. Scratch and Dent Appliances Stock are appliances with minor imperfections such as a scratch or dent. Some of these items can still be classified as new, although the box is noticeably damaged. All large appliances carry a 1 year warranty. Demo Appliances Stock are appliances that have been used as display or demonstrator models or have been previously repaired within the factory warranty period. All large appliances carry a 1 year warranty.