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Astro Brake : Brake Pad Replacement

brake pad replacement


We offer a Brake Pad Replacement service that gives you the peace of mind to continue on your journey. We have a large stock holding of various brake products here at Astro Brakes such as brake pads, brake discs as well as all other related products. The parts include those for all makes and models of vehicles to ensure a quick and speedy service. So you can relax and wait while we proceed with the Brake Pad Replacement on your vehicle.

If your brakes tend to make a noise then it may indicate that the brake pads need to be replaced. So it makes a noise like a squeaking sound which is possibly caused by an uneven brake surface. As a general rule of thumb if you notice any discrepancy in the brakes while you’re driving then you should get it checked. So if it feels or sounds different then there may be something wrong within the braking system.

So to identify any brake issues we have technicians that are trained and skilled. We check your vehicle’s braking system entirely before any repairs are performed. Once the problem has been identified as the brake pads being faulty we then undertake the Brake Pad Replacement right away. So you can count on our quick service.

Brakes are very important and the last thing you want is to realise that they don’t work while you’re driving. So don’t take chances. Be proactive and check your brakes before it’s too late. You are welcome to pop in to the Astro Brakes workshop for a free brake check at any time.

About Us

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best service as well as the best brakes for your vehicle. Because we believe that safe brakes saves lives.

Astro Brakes is conveniently located in Boksburg near the East Rand Flea Market.