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Blackburn Supply Chain Solutions

Reliable Repeatable solutions you can rely on


Blackburn Supply Chain Solutions is a solutions company that provides its clients with services that add value to their incoming and outgoing supply chains. We specialize in import and export where our capabilities and experience in the retail, mining, aviation, industrial and retail sectors give us our competitive advantage.

Our business is continually growing the two core assets within our business, namely, people and our global business networks. We have decade’s worth of experience in the freight forwarding, logistics and shipping industries. . Our partner networks are strategically planned and purpose built to broaden our scope and service offerings.

The bedrock of our solutions is in providing our clients with a solution that the client can integrate into their business seamlessly and ensure that all movements meet with performance requirements. Focus is directed toward planning, delivery and ultimately accountability

Our vision is that we can provide clients with competitive advantage by capitalizing on the success we achieve through or solutions. Our ultimate goal is to provide client with the ability to have world class value chain infrastructure as a realistic opportunity. This is particularly helpful for small to medium sized business as it gives them the opportunity to be competitive with large enterprise.

As the world looks for alternatives to conventional business practice and thought, Blackburn Supply chain solutions offers flexibility and strength within the supply chain for our clients businesses

We offer a fully customizable solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business activity. We strive to not only find the most cost effective solutions but just as importantly a solution that is reliable and one that is repeatable time after time.