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Brookes Attorneys – Top Law Firm Durban


Brookes Attorneys is a full service, progressive law firm based in Durban. The team is made up of a number of specialists that are able to assist clients in a variety of branches of law.

In family, commercial, property and labour law matters, we aim to understand our clients’ unique circumstances and assist them with a course of action that is specific to their needs. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our founder, Jonathan Brookes, spent over 10 years practising in various areas of law, for both business owners and individuals, before establishing Brookes Attorneys in 2017. 

This unique combination of a highly-specialised and multifaceted approach is what makes Brookes Attorneys so unique. Whether you need a committed lawyer for business or personal matters we are able to assist you, and strive to be KwaZulu-Natal’s most approachable and trusted law firm.

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