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CCTV Pros East Rand


CCTV Pros East Rand

CCTV cameras are a good preventive against opportunistic criminals looking to get into your property.

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CCTV Pros East Rand

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By knowing what is happening on your property, you can prevent most criminal incidents. CCTV cameras give you the ability to monitor your home or business despite your location.

Observing your property on high resolution will keep you one step ahead of possible criminals.

CCTV Installers Boksburg

CCTV installers offer a variety of camera system options:


– Top-level access environments

– Homes

– Office spaces

– Retail industry sites

– Site projects

– Warehouses


When setting up a CCTV system, the installation company in Boksburg will give you a price quote on renting or buying the CCTV system.


Renting CCTV has never been easier, all you need to do is pay a monthly fee.

The reason you should install CCTV cameras!

In South Africa crime is a real truth and securing your property is a need, having CCTV security cameras will give you peace of mind. Guarding your home and office with CCTV security cameras is an excellent layer of protection.


Not only will your CCTV system prevent your company from being affected by crime, it will also give your clients a sense of safety and security and urge workers to be on their best behaviour.


CCTV systems will discourage criminals from commiting a crime on your building, as they would not like to be recorded on camera.


Types of Security Cameras (HD, 360, Night Vision)

Your CCTV system is only effective if your equipment is up to standard. Think about your security needs before choosing a CCTV camera system.


HD(High Definition) CCTV cameras

With hd CCTV cameras you have the chance to effortlessly recognize suspects. HD CCTV provides criminal investigators with a very clear image resolution to make out little details as well as numbers important for a conviction.


60 Degree cameras

{60 degree cameras can identify movement in an area up to 4 metres and are ideal for small spaces, like courtyards.|60 degree cameras are preferred for small spaces, they are able to identify movement in an area of up to 4 metres.|Have a smaller area which needs to be supervised? The 60 degree camera is the camera for you, it is able to identify movement in an area of up to 4 metres and is most ideal for small areas.|Smaller areas only need a smaller camera like the 60 degree camera which can recognize movement in an area of 4 metres.|Looking to observe a store room or small area? The 60 degree camera has the ability to recognize motion in an area up to 4 metres and is great for securing a smaller room


Analogue CCTV cameras

An Analogue camera is good for observing your office or home. Because of the low resolution images you will not have the capacity to pick up small details but you will have the ability to monitor general activity.


360 Degree cameras

Rain and fog don’t have an effect on these camera images, they are still of good quality irrespective of the weather. Absolutely nothing gets past this camera, it gives a 360 degree view of the area along with everything around the camera.


Night vision video cameras

Night Vision CCTV cameras record high quality images no matter how dark it is, they use infrared lights to do this and are perfect for observing your property at any time of the evening.


Wired vs Wireless CCTV Options

Once you have decided whether you would like a wired or wireless CCTV unit, you can decide on which CCTV unit you would like.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types and it will all depend on your needs.


Wired CCTV

Wired CCTV camera units are perfect for bigger properties where you have the ability to run cables for power, video transmission and internet connection.


Pros and Cons to Wired CCTV units


– Dependable

– Well-suited to big properties needing many cameras

– Setup time can possibly be time-consuming

– Affected by power failures

– Does not have flexibility

– Able to link many cameras whenever needed


Wireless CCTV Options

Wireless CCTV systems use a wireless system to transfer your security footage which is saved on the cloud. In order to have a wireless CCTV security camera system you will need to have a WiFi network and a power source for the camera system to connect to.


Pros and Cons to Wireless CCTV systems


– Setup time is quick

– Incredibly flexible and great for renters

– Affected by interference, giving blurred images

– Needs a sturdy wireless signal

– Like wired systems, they’re affected by power failures

– Work only on a limited area


CCTV Camera System Installation Process

CCTV installation procedure overview:


Evaluation and quotation of CCTV camera unit


A site visit will happen on confirmation of time and place, the evaluation will be on the area you require the camera installation. You will then receive a recommendation on the CCTV system that will work best in your area. Work will commence as soon as you have agreed to the obligation- free quote and given the go- ahead.


Mounting of CCTV cameras

The CCTV specialist will begin by mounting the CCTV cameras in main spots on your premises.


Wire and cable installation

Once the camera installation has occurred, the specialist will place and attach the wires and cables.


Connection and test of the CCTV unit

Your CCTV specialist will now link all the parts and test to ensure that everything works.


Last handover procedure

The unit will now be handed to you by the specialist, you will be taught how the unit works and how to use it correctly. The final handover will be done once you are satisfied with the installation and have signed it off.


Major CCTV brands in South Africa

The following are the best CCTV brands in South Africa:


– Samsung

– Avigilon

– Axis

– Sunell

– Dahua

– Hikvision


Selecting the best CCTV cameras for your property



If you need a CCTV system for a property you will need to first put some thought into where you want to place the cameras. If you just need the camera for your driveway and gate to check for general movement, an analogue camera may be a good idea.


Analogue cameras are commonly more affordable if you are on a spending plan.

A 60 degree camera is great for smaller spaces and for tracking activity in a particular area.

If you are wanting to monitor activity to the left and right too, the 360 degree camera is best.


CCTV Camera Units for Commercial Properties


Commercial CCTV units are commonly a lot more complex than non commercial ones. If you are needing to determine little details like numbers or facial features then commercial CCTV camera system units are best suited for you.

You may also need a camera system that provides crystal clear images at night, in which case a night vision camera system is perfect.


Ways in which to decide on the greatest CCTV Company


Determining on the best service provider is an important step in getting the correct CCTV for you but first you will need to determine whether you want to buy or hire a camera unit. You will find companies that offer both options and others that only offer either buying or renting.

Make sure a warranty and after sales service is offered by the service provider you decide on.


Prior to agreeing to the installation make sure you are aware of what has been included in the quote: Do they include cables, is the installation included? Are uninterrupted power supplies and connectors included?

You will be able to get really good suggestions from the CCTV service provider during the site visit, these suggestions will be made with your security needs and premises design in mind.

Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with the CCTV service provider- so, trust your gut instinct!



Could I install my own CCTV security camera unit?


Experts are trained and experienced, they would install the CCTV unit a lot quicker than you would manage to. Linking the cables as well as the mounting of the cameras can be challenging when doing it yourself.


Also, you may not know the best places to position the cameras and this could mean that your cameras do not get the entire area. Your installation will be done in 1 day at a cost effective price with a professional CCTV company.


Q – How much does it cost for a CCTV unit?

A – Depending on the sort of unit you decide on and whether you hire or buy, the price can differ.


Q – Do CCTV security camera systems prevent crime.


A – CCTV camera units act as a major deterrent against crime. If a criminal sees that you have a CCTV unit, they will likely look for someplace else which doesn’t have a CCTV unit. CCTV cameras are an excellent added layer to help workers, visitors and family members feel safe and secure in your home.


Q – Do I need a CCTV unit in my office if I already have very good security?


A – It is not practical to think you or your security guards can be all over the place all the time. Your CCTV unit will monitor your premises constantly without break. When you have a CCTV unit, your team members will be on their finest behaviour.


Q – The time it takes to mount a CCTV camera security unit.

A – The overall size of your premises will determine how long the installation will take, on average CCTV installations only take a few hours and you should have your CCTV operating within the same day.


Q- Do CCTV camera units add worth to a home?

A – Absolutely, it does. It is another fantastic security feature that makes the home’s residents feel safer and more secure.


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