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Most reliable IT Solutions


Our main purpose is to serve our clients with the best possible IT solutions as well as being there for them in their need of Computer related headaches.

We are expanding nationwide so as to give every person as much opportunity as possible to get the best possible services, using overnight courier services to get the machine in and out in the quickest and most reliable way – for our clients based out of Gauteng.


  •  Desktop Computers

Which are built from the ground up, using only the best sourced parts our suppliers have to offer.           Each machine is built to customer specifications.

  •  Notebooks or Netbooks

These are pre-built machines, which are also only sourced as per clients specifications and requirements. Notebooks that are lacking in some higher requirements; our technician is able to upgrade for the best performance.

  •  Software

If you as our respective client is in need of a software package to run your business, we are able to source the packages that best suit your needs.

  •  Minor Error Repairs

Using a remote link to your computer, we are able to repair any small to medium problem that are bothering you.

  •  Major Error Repairs

If our technician finds that he is unable to complete the task via remote linking or if there is something very wrong with your machine, our technician would require the machine to be brought in and to be placed in diagnostics to be assessed and then to be repaired.

  •  Basic Website Designing

Our designer meets with the client to find out what specific needs are to be met with the website, by constantly staying in touch with feedback as to how far your website is.                                                 Perfection is not very far away, and meeting every clients needs is a must as a website is the forefront of any business.

  •  Assistance in Ufiling

With the constant uncertainty of the current pandemic and the influx of clients at each Labour Centre, assistance with the Department of Employment and Labour Ufiling, puts every company’s employees mind at ease without the stress of standing in the forever queues at the Labour Centre.                                          This unfortunately is required for the person to be placed inside your company and meet with individuals as to not violate the confidentiality and privacy of the individual being interviewed.

  •  Printers

Our IT technician is also able to repair and service Dot Matrix Printers and Laser Printers.                             As your average Inkjet printer would cost too much to repair, it is better to replace the machine.               We will also outsource the printer as per client specifications.