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DCGsa (Debt Counselling Group South Africa)


28 Blakeway Street, Mthatha, South Africa + Add review



Reduce your monthly debt repayments,

Benefit from reduced instalments and interest rates

Regain control of your finances. The aim of the Debt Counselling is to rearrange the consumer’s debts to meet their monthly living expenses, to pay each of their creditors as much as they can afford and to settle their debts in a timeous period.

When DCGsa was signing their first clients the structure of Debt Review was not as fully formed as it is today but the need for the services was great and the amount of qualified Debt Counsellors were few. Consumers started to understand that the process of Debt Counselling was a better option than Administration or Sequestration.The Debt Intervention Bill is a hot topic at the moment and everyone wants to know more about it.

We are empowered the National Credit Regulator to educate on this topic as well as all other debt relief matters.

As you are probably aware, over-indebtedness can lead to theft, dishonesty and fraud in the workplace and depression and anxiety in people’s personal lives.

4 steps to becoming debt free:
1. Come in for your 100% Obligation free and confidential debt assessment, 2. Accept the new payment plan, 3. The debt counsellor negotiates reduced interest rates and repayment amounts, 4. Pay until your debt is settled and you get a clearance certificate.