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Drypers South Africa

Fits Better. Stays Drier.


We know that a baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and that mothers are fussy about choosing which brand of nappy to use. That is why right from the beginning we committed ourselves to import and supply the best quality nappies. We are currently the number one nappies supplier in South Africa for Drypers. Drypers consistently has the best absorption and most comfortable fit for your baby. With a more durable core, your baby’s skin remains drier for longer, which helps to prevent rashes and skin irritations.

We Specialise in:

  • Drypers Baby Nappies
  • Drypers Baby Pullups
  • Baby Care Products
  • Wet Wipes
  • Adult Nappies & Pull Ups
  • Linen Savers

Find Us At:

15 Maslamoney Road,
Athlone Industria 2,
Cape Town, 7784,
South Africa


Call: 021 691 3838

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