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verification agency

39 Brown St, Nelspruit, 1201, South Africa + Add review


DVS BEE Services have been carrying out BEE verifications since 2012 as a division of DVS Auditors Incorporated under the auspices of the governing body IRBA. With IRBA withdrawing from the world of BEE, we took the decision to register as a separate entity and apply for SANAS accreditation.
DVS BEE Services (Pty) Ltd was thus official registered in August 2017 as a SANAS accredited Verification Agency.

Our core service and focus is the provision of BEE Verification Services in all sectors of the economy with the specific objective of ensuring that BEE initiatives are measured in accordance with their substance and economic reality.
It is our intention to remain a market leader with regard to quality of service and high client retention.