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Engineering Surveyors Nationwide – Redshadow Engineering Surveyors



Redshadow Engineering Surveyors are professionals to help project planning, civil designs, and construction projects execution. We do offer various forms of surveying to support other professionals in the built environment as well as regional planning needs. Additionally, we guide construction teams in implementing designs to a very high level of precision and accuracy, making sure the construction positional and level accuracy are conforming to specifications.

Book online or call for quotation for various surveying needs. Whether you are planning a massive project or small project, we can do a full topographic survey to help you in planning.

Moreover, we assist in data for road designs, proposal of township plans, design of earthworks and design of civil and building projects.

Furthermore, our engineering surveyors’ firm will help you monitor and keep your project costs by accurate setting out during project execution.

We perform detail surveys for the design of earthworks and platforms for civil projects, as well as national parks or any large area undertaking.

Who can design a project without knowing the extent of area and what features lies within?

Therefore, you can rely on us from design stage, building stage and post project stage with proper survey data.

Redshadow Engineering Surveyors offers the following surveyor services

Setting out profiles for bulk earth works and platforms.

Setting out of building gridlines.

List of Our Survey Services

Detail engineering surveys

Pipeline route surveys

Route surveys – roads surveys and profiling, power-line surveys and profiling as well as water pipelines.

Underground utilities surveys and mapping.