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False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre

Drug Rehab program that works


False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre (FBTCC) provides intensive in-patient alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation programs to help addicts identify and overcome the root causes of their habits.

False Bay Therapeutic Community Rehabilitation Centre Strives To:

Provide quality service that meets the needs of all individuals.
Provide quality service without compromise.
Be the strongest link in the weakest of times.

Our drug addiction and alcohol treatment programs have successfully helped people overcome a variety of addictions, from alcohol and dagga to cocaine and heroin as well as a multitude of other addictive substances.

FBTCC is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development.
Our services include:

Early intervention.
In-patient rehabilitation.
Parent workshops.
Group counselling.
Individual counselling.
Family counselling.
Support groups.
Awareness campaigns.
Drug testing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know needs help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.