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Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant Fish Feed Extruder Machine

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Fusmar Machinery specially customize floating fish feed pellet plant, to satisfy high demands for cost-effective, and high-performance fish feed pellets in world market. It is used to produce variety materials into high-grade floating aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. With compact design and excellent performance, this floating fish feed pellet plant can liberate you thoroughly from raw material intake to finished feed pellets bulk loading.

Features Of Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant

  1. A wide range of raw materials such as corn, wheat bran, paddy, soybean meal, paddy rice, sorghum, etc.
  2. Besides floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed pellets, this feed pellet production line can also produce high quality feed for pet, poultry and livestock, etc.
  3. The diameter of the pellets can be from 0.9mm-15mm.
  4. Capacity: We can also customize different fish feed pellet plants depending on your raw materials and specific requirements.

Why Choose This Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant

  1. Wide applicable scope: This production line can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, pet feed, livestock feed, etc.
  2. Best-selling worldwide: Our fish feed pellet plants are hot selling in Nigeria, Malaysia, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, etc.
  3. Smooth operation, easy installation.
  4. Cost-effective, long service life.

The Benefits Of Floating Fish Feed Pellets

  1. Easier to digest and absorb
  2. Better fragrance and palatability
  3. Reduce waste
  4. Decrease disease
  5. Convenient observation
  6. Keep the water quality

The Process Of The Complete Fish Feed Production Line

Crushing → Mixing → Extruding → Pellet Drying → Oil Spraying → Pellet Cooling → Pellet Packaging

  1. Grinding—Feed Hammer Mill

To produce high quality fish feed pellets, fine grinding of raw materials is necessary. The finer the material is, the more surface area will be exposed, thus achieving the great gelatinization in conditioning. The feed hammer mill is adopted in this fish feed pellet line, which can benefit users by ideal crushing effect.

  1. Mixing—Fish Feed Mixer

Efficient mixing is the the key step in fish feed pellet plant due to its direct influence on the feed pellet quality. Proper mixing will increase diet uniformity and improve the feedstuff quality. Our mixing machine stands out with high mixing uniformity, CV≤5%, and no segregation.

  1. Extruding—Floating Fish Feed Extruder

Extruding is the key process as it ensures that the feed formulation is in the correct quantities. Floating fish feed extruder machine is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. The final pellets have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures. For feeds of fish and shrimp, the floating time in water can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment. Feed pellets dia. is 0.9-15mm. We have wet type fish feed extruder and dry type fish feed extruder for your choice.

  1. Drying—Fish Feed Pellet Dryer

Featured by high drying uniformity and low breaking ration, mesh belt dryer is preferred to reduce the high moisture content of feed pellets coming out from the extruder.

  1. Oil Spraying—Oil Coating Machine

Our oil coating machine is used for spraying the oil, grease, vitamin, ect. to the feed pellets surface to increase the palatability of fish feed pellets. In the drum-type spraying machine, the additives can be contacted with pellet surface sufficiently and spray evenly. After spraying, the fish feed pellets are balance and rich in nutrition.

  1. Cooling—Count Flow Pellet Cooler

The counter flow pellet cooler is used for cooling the feed pellets just coming out from the oil coating machine. It takes advantage of counter current cooling principle to cool the pellets with high temperature and high humidity. It can avoid the shock cooling phenomenon when the cold air contacts with the hot material, thus preventing the pellet appearance crack.

  1. Packaging—Feed Pellet Packing Machine

As the last step in floating fish feed pellet production line, packaging is optional according to your needs. The automatic feed pellet packing machine is always combined with the transport mechanism and the sewing machine to constitute the automatic feed pellet weighing and packing system used in animal feed factories.

How To Improve Water Stability of Floating Fish Feed Pellets

  1. Using finely ground ingredients so that the small cavities on the surface of the pellets are filled up, thereby reducing the rate at which water is able to penetrate into the pellet.
  2. Increasing the compaction of the mixture by applying more force during pelleting.
  3. Cooking the mash or the moist pellets (e.g. by steaming) thus increasing.

Avoiding high concentrations of fat, water repellent or highly absorbing water ingredients in the diet mixture.