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Growzit – Opportunity for local producers and service providers

Growzit - South Africa's Online Farmers Market


Statisticians tell us that South Africa will reach a level of 50% unemployed people, over the coming months. It’s also clear that people are changing their mind-set and wanting to support small businesses and their local communities. It’s also clear that many more people are purchasing online. We are a team of e-commerce experts who saw that we could help put small vendors in touch with their communities. We have built you a multi-vendor platform, Growzit, to allow for you ( local producers and service providers  such as food, crafts, clothing, plants, coaching, tutoring, health, beauty etc.) to open your own online stall.


To support our ethos of building communities from within,  you can only sell your products within a 50km range on this platform. Secondly, you need to be the producer of the product or service. We have applied these few rules to ensure that wealth stays within your community rather than ‘leaching out’ to shareholders of large corporations, supermarkets and big business.


There are no start-up fees or advertising fees. Instead we charge 10% commission on products sold. This allows us to build and keep this website going, oversee the delivery process to make sure it runs smoothly,  and to ensure that we can market the website to consumers who will be buying your goods.


If you are facing uncertainty, but have a skill or passion – baking bread, growing micro-greens, sewing clothes, making jewelry, cooking prepared meals, growing vegetables, then here’s an invitation to investigate and determine if it is a platform that you would like to join.