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Hands Free Handwash Tap

Safe guard your health while preserving our planet


In an effort to support the South African economy and keep safe all the SA citizens that contribute to it’s success, a hands free alternative for conventional taps was our answer to Covid.

FootFlow is a foot operated tap with a very basic plug and play concept that can be fitted directly to most existing plumbing in under 5 minutes, provided existing plumbing is exposed. FootFlow is a mechanical maintenance free device designed with an aluminium outer, brass and stainless inner workings ensuring inflow is safe for consumption.

An additional advantage of installing a FootFlow, particularly in public spaces where a variety of persons utilize facilities, leaving a tap running is not an option and water wastage can be reduced by up to 75% per recommended 20 second handwash.

For business branding, we offer a color coding service where the cap of the FootFlow can be annodized to suit company branding colors creating positive associations for all who use company facilities, whether in a factory environment, an office, a school or a restaurant.