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Home Solar System

Home Solar System


Looking for a Home Solar System? We offer full design, supply, installation, and delivery of your Home Solar System.

With all the unpredictable load shedding, load reduction and increase in electricity costs, it is a good idea to look into alternative energy solutions.

Make use of our reputable installers and top-quality equipment for your Home Solar System.

Not only will this limit your reliance on Eskom but it will also increase the value of your house.

You will also have the benefit of lower electricity bills and it makes a home more environmentally-friendly.

Good pricing, best quality, best service, to fit your requirements!

At Solar Man SA we will be able to help determine which type and size of Home Solar System is best suited to your individual needs.

We are open weekdays, Saturdays as well as most public holidays during the whole year.

Call us today on 0128091525 or 0716908022 or 0716908031!