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Impact Design

User-friendly simple, and creative website design services. Graphic Design & Printing Solutions.


A creative design and marketing studio founded in 2007. Collaborating a strong and distinct brand identity for your business. We provide professional, user-friendly and creative websites. Creative Graphic Design & Printing Services.

Our Passion is to get your business seen either online or print media… no matter how big or small – your business counts…

​One of the most important assets you can develop for your business is a powerful brand. Brands are not just logos or tag lines, they are the culmination of who you are, how your business is different from your competition, and most importantly why a buyer should do business with you.

Whether you’re an established business or small start-up, a brand has a tremendous impact. Your reputation is not out of your hands. Take control of your online identity and gain leads from enhancing your online presence.

We provide professional, user-friendly simple, and creative website design services. Graphic Design & Printing Solutions

With over 13 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing clients with the best professional service. We pride ourselves in helping business owners all over South Africa thanks to TeamViewer and Skype.

If you need a simple logo designed or menu to a website we can help, as our number one goal is to always offer the best and professional services to customers at reasonable costs that can be tailored to meet your budget.