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Inferno Hibachi Table-top grill.

Proudly South African Hibachi.


Hibachi grills are small and portable grills that are used to grill smaller quantities of foods. They are usually placed on a table and have stainless steel grids to cook the food on. Hibachis use charcoal as a heat source and so are typically used to achieve that smoky flavour that we all love within our meat.

The best part about these grills is their space-saving size, making them extremely practical for smaller living quarters, grilling at the beach or for travel. You can use them to cook anything from vegetables to meats, so they are versatile and perfect for small gathering.

Proudly South African table top ceramic fireproof Inferno Hibachi. Hard wearing easy to clean and best of all…. Won’t crack.

Part of the Inferno charcoal ovens, grills, robatas and hibachi brand. This Hibachi comes with a 1-year warranty and includes shipping and 1 grid.