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Insulated Structures

Solutions For All Your Commercial Refrigeration Requirements

12 Brunel Road, Tulisa Park, Johannesburg South, South Africa + Add review


Insulated Structures is fully equipped to assist and offer solutions to all of your refrigeration requirements. Whether it is supermarket design, refrigerated cabinets or polyurethane insulated rooms, we can conscientiously complete any task at hand.

When it comes to efficiency, there is nothing more that we want than for your units to run efficiently and cost-effectively. We have a vast product range, and when it comes to keeping your produce fresh and safe, we have the perfect products for you.

We complete a variety of jobs, be it very large orders or small start-up businesses. Something about us we take very seriously; No matter the client, we pass the same professionalism, dedication and top level service to all our customers, because your business is important to you, and we value your wants and needs intensely.