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Kempston Cleaning Services Johannesburg


Kempston Cleaning is a national cleaning company offering industrial and commercial cleaning, and pest control services.


We provide contract, emergency and one-off deep cleaning cleaning. 


Our Cleaning Services include


Sanitizing and disinfection fogging for schools, universities, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, factories and warehouses

Commercial and industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning

Hospitality cleaning

Retail / mall cleaning contract services

Hygiene / washroom services for offices, educational institutions, retail, factories and warehouses


Our Pest Control Services include 


Rat Control and Extermination

Bat Control

Pigeon Pest Control

Insect Control

Bird deterrence, netting and deflector installation

Control of spider pests 

Fruit and drain fly extermination

Wasp and hornets nest removal

Cockroach control and fumigation

Rodent Pest Control

Mice Pest Control 

Mole extermination

Termites pest control


We also have offices in :



Cape Town 

Port Elizabeth 

East London