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LALI ROTHE Refineries SA (Pty) Ltd is an Electronic Waste Management and Asset Recovery company, providing disposal and data destruction services to local entities and Government Sectors. Backed by years of experience in the fields of technology, logistics and recycling by Lithium System providing versatile IT asset management services. LALI ROTHE provides Asset Recovery services that can help you monetize your older, unused IT equipment. Data Destruction services is our forte which are compliant with International standards.


  1. Remarketing and Redeployment: Revenue from used, surplus IT equipment including employers purchase schemes, enhancing internal PR and corporate social responsibility through the implementation of a Re-use policy.
  2. Recycling: Unusable items recycled. Lali Rothe provides inspection, consultation, tagging and reporting service
  3. Service Delivery: Work partnership with clients to ensure that their IT asset disposal are trained and informed in the most cost effective manner.
  4. Value Added Services: Site to site logistics, recovery, and recycling of packaging materials from new installations, data quarantine and collection.
  5. Audit and ReportingTrack and report IT assets on an itemized level.
  6. Corporate Social Investment: Manage clients used IT equipment for donation to registered charities, another strong tool to promote corporate social responsibility.
  7. Logistic Management: Recovery and free transportation for all types of IT equipment including decommissioning from desktop and collection from staging areas.
  8.  Data disposal service



  • Electronic Waste Management and Recycling
  • Refinery and Metal Extraction
  • Asset Recovery & IT Asset Disposal & Decommissioning
  • Data Disposal & Software Solutions
  • Logistics: E-waste Collection
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Corporate Social Investment and Enterprise Development initiatives