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Libra Labels

Self-Adhesive Label Suppliers & Manufacturers


Self-Adhesive Label Suppliers & Manufacturers

Libra Labels is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality products in self-adhesive labels for diverse industries.

With experience in the relevant fields, the highly skilled professionals of our well-managed organisation strive for perfection in all stages from production all the way through to handing the product over. Appearance reflects and defines the true identity of a product.

There are many factors, which immensely help in building a brands market image. One of the most important factors is appearance. When using colourful and captivating products such as self-adhesive labels, it transforms the product into one that is stylish and attractive.

It is true that a consumer’s buying decision greatly depends on a product’s appearance. When labelling a product it acts as a major marketing tool, every company spends a substantial time in choosing the perfect label for its products. Our array of products will be able to satisfy these requirements.

We understand that every product has varying needs in various industries and therefore we offer a wide variety of products ranging for scale labels to full colour personalized labels.

Together with our sustained efforts in research and expansion, our profound infrastructure and sophisticated technologies lead us to meet your bulk demands.

Our state-of-the-art products cater to a wide range of Industries and our track record can prove it.


 Our Vision

We look forward to present the most appealing range of self-adhesive labels and products that will help the end user add more appeal to his brand.

We work hard towards our goal of manufacturing flawless and elegant products that best suit the profile and needs of our client.

Making all our products user friendly is a priority for us, so that they find usage in various settings within the industry.

We strive to go a step ahead of our competitors by creating unique designs and constantly improving our existing product range and quality.

Furthermore, we look ahead towards providing customized products to suite various industries and their products.


 Our Mission

Our mission is to be a prime manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive labels.

We work with many companies; ranging from large companies to numerous smaller niche players, trying to differentiate their products in the market.

By listening to each of clients specific requirements, we strive for delivering the correct product within specified delivery time.

We make sure that our deep knowledge of the market trends and balanced strategic product development, lead us to gain trust among our clients. Give us a call and see our service and quality work for you.


Quality Assurance

Perfect in every aspect of finishing, quality and appearance; our products are setting high quality and performance standards for everyone.

All our products are manufactured by employing superior raw materials like PVC, paper, ribbons etc. A highly trained and experienced team of professionals manufacture the products with utmost precision.

Quality is an aspect that is indispensable from our services. The high quality raw material is procured from authentic suppliers and we adhere to rigorous quality control measures.

With its rich proficiency in the compliance, the company is capable of designing the end product as per the client’s specification. We have a wide array of products of fascinating designs and colours to choose from.


Contact Libra Labels for Further Information

If you would like to know more about our company, products and services, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Libra Labels today.