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Mahindra Springs

New or Used Vehicles

68 4th Ave, Geduld, Springs, 1559, South Africa + Add review



If you weren’t happy today with yesterday try something different today. We at Jubilee Motors want to maximize our growth in being a dealership from cheapies right up to exclusives while being mindful of our overall responsibilities and at the same time being a great work place where our staff are inspired to being their best that they possibly can to our client. Building and strengthening our client base.
Client Retention
Customer relationship management is crucial for our business success and sustainability. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction earning their trust and loyalty by providing superior customer service and quality products. Building more and more personal relationships with our clients to gain and retain their loyalty.
Business Profile
Jubilee Motors is a medium-sized, owner-managed business. Jubilee Motors has three branches namely Cheapies, Retail and Exclusives catering for all our valued customers different needs. Jubilee Motors has notable credentials and a proven track record and is a trusted dealership.
Our Team
We pride ourselves on employing trained, respectful and professional staff. Our direct involvement in our business is the key to our success. We as a team will bring you trust and peace of mind in the vehicle you will be buying.

Martin Botes (CEO)

Luzaan Strydom (Financial Director)

Mauritz Strydom (Dealer Principal)