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Moriah Plastics

Quality Custom Made Displays


Custom Made display stands. Project focused. Experienced. Great display stands are crucial in the retail & marketing sector, and we will help you design and make for you cost-effective displays that will attract & hold the attention of potential customers long enough to increase your brand awareness & sales.

Our displays can be found anywhere from trade shows and exhibitions, to retail stores and point-of-sale promotions. We can make simple or intricate, traditional or stylish displays for any type of business strategy. Interested? Our director has 30 years of hands on experience and we are committed to good quality work.
Check out our made-to-order display stands.


1:  Raise or lift (something) to a higher position. (Verb)

Similar: raise, lift (up) raise up/aloft, buoy up. upraise, bear aloft, hoist, hike up, haul up, heft up, boost!


2. Raise to a more important or impressive level

Similar: promote, give promotion, upgrade and improve the position/status of.

– Oxford English Dictionary