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My Finance Partner

More than just Accounting. Expertise that drives your business


More than just Accounting. Expertise that drives your business

We are entrepreneurs, qualified as accountants, bringing entrepreneurial thinking

and experience to the finance function of your organisation.

We advocate a joint ambition for company growth, greater development and comprehensive business support. Through the experiences gained and lessons learnt in their own business dealings over the years, the founders of My Finance Partner came to realise that many business owners need more than the services generally offered by an accountant. They have taken their experience and knowledge and built a company to offer entrepreneurs expertise that drives their business.

Our qualifications as chartered accountants enable us to offer the services generally provided by accountants: bookkeeping, payroll, company secretarial work, taxation, SARS compliance and preparing of annual financial statements.

What sets us apart from your traditional accountant is that being entrepreneurs, we understand that the accounting function extends beyond these services. We have therefore resourced My Finance Partner with expertise that drives your business by contributing to the establishment of a solid financial base from which your business can trade and grow.