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PETport Pet Relocation Service


PETport Pet Relocation Service
1029 Pretoria Rd, Benoni North AH, Johannesburg, 1501
Phone: 011 965 6397
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PETport Pet Relocation Service is just one of the very few CERTIFIED PET TRAVEL agencies in South Africa, with hands on treatment and practice passed down from one generation to the next. It’s literally in our blood. We are the most suitable choice to transport your fur-babies, fluff-babies and feather-babies. Our consultants have all been in the pet transfer business for years and are often asked by South African and International periodicals to author articles on pet transport & pet transfer.

The services we deliver consists of:
Pet Transport
Animal Travel Services
Pet courier
Pet moving business
Pet Travel
Animal Travel services
Pet immigration
Pet emigration
Pet export
Pet import

It may seem frustrating doing the online investigation and understanding that moving with your beloved pets needs its very own to-do list whilst having to keep within a strict time frame prior to move. The most suitable option would be to consult a competent pet transfer agency to hold your hand through all of it to support you in shaping your distinct travel needs.

We also do pet Import into South Africa. Dogs from various countries (not all) entering into South Africa may hinge on 14 days quarantine on time of arrival an official government station. The procedure for dogs coming to South Africa from all countries includes importation permits, prescribed clearances and a set of blood tests in a specified date range just before entry to South Africa. Birds and exotic animals have changing requirements to come into South Africa, please contact us specifically to discuss these specifics. South Africa has some of the most complex entry regulations for dogs and cats globally so correct preparation and absolute conformity with all entry criteria of your furry friend is beyond critical.