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PRI SEC ISS Private Investigations/ Security Risk Assessment/ Technical Installations

Private Investigations/ Security Risk Assessment/ Technical Installations


Private Investigations (Corporate / White collar / Fraud / Murder / Corruption / General crime, etc)

Through experience and professional investigations, we can provide support to the litigation processes. By collection of collaborative evidence, we protect major companies from theft and fraud. Our innovative and mitigating solutions reduce risks and minimize losses. Our teams work with you to uncover misconduct within corporate and civil structures, and within criminal cases, as well as counter investigation.

Risk management

This involves risk assessments and auditing of security and safety standards. This process often necessitates the training of persons working within the company.

  • Audits – safety and/or security according to requirements
  • Safety, security and/ or crime risk assessment
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Training as required
  • Development and implementation of a risk register

Asset recovery and protection

PRI SEC ISS provide detailed background or financial information, as well as locate hidden assets and liabilities of debtors, thereby enabling the Client to make sound, cost effective and professional business decisions.  Detailed information can make the difference between financial success or failure of a business. We can also assist with assets that were sold and Clients not complying with sales agreements.

Insurance claims and compensation investigations

PRI SEC ISS investigators are qualified in security risk management and are trained in the field of fraud and white-collar crime investigations. We received our foundation in the SAPS. Our Investigators are familiar and competent with working in the court system, alongside judges, prosecutors, and lawyers.

We are aware that no two cases are the same, and deal with each new case as applicable to its context. Our investigators are trained in reading body language and know how to ensure a full picture.

Missing persons investigations

PRI SEC ISS realizes how important it is for you to find people dear to you, whether long-lost friends, relatives, lovers, or persons that do not want to be found for various reasons.

  • Missing persons investigations
  • Locating witnesses
  • Adoption searches
  • Tracing biological parents & relatives
  • Locating parents that do not pay maintenance
  • Tracing/ locating subjects of research
  • Tracing lovers
  • Location heirs

Domestic investigations


After many years of experience, we understand the emotional difficulties that surround infidelity and domestic troubles and therefore go to great lengths to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.  We endeavor to make this often devastating and humiliating situation as painless as possible.  Our investigators work with you and your attorney to answer difficult questions which provide you with extra leverage and bargaining powers

Attorneys Services

We offer an array of investigative and confidential information services to the legal community, ranging from trial preparation to information verification, thereby obtaining information needed by attorneys in both civil and criminal proceedings. Accident investigations (including car and work accidents) are also encompassed in services we offer.

We do the legwork for you by obtaining proof of injury, taking sworn statements and photographs, conducting interviews, locating witnesses, and much more.Be aware of your surroundings, look around you for suspicions vehicles or persons, make sure you are not followed.

Asset and infrastructure security

Are your assets (infrastructure, vehicles, personnel, etc.) protected?Infrastructure security seeks to limit vulnerability against robbery, attacks and sabotage.Security infrastructure is the root for your personnel and cooperate security plan. To be able to determine your risk, it is necessary to do site surveys  and asset inventory, then assess your technical vulnerability.

PRI SEC ISS have both security guards and informants that are trained and can be hired for a variety of applications, whatever your security detail requirements.

  • Security Guards
  • Offsite monitoring
  • Retail guarding services
  • Casual guarding
  • Informants