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About Fine Lining Your Beauty


Hi there! I’m Lizelle, the creator of Fine Line Beauty.


It’s been a while since I first came up with the idea of Fine Line Beauty. I first wanted to create a brand that would provide self-indulgent, luxury cosmetic items without breaking the bank, while enabling you to create your looks, and I’m thrilled to launch Fine Line Beauty this year!


Confidence is the fire that lights up a woman’s soul! Whether it be in a social setting, executive board room, or sharing a romantic evening with the man of your dreams, you deserve that fire to flicker from your eyes.


We, as women, feel confident when we look and feel good, this comes from knowledge is power.


The name Fine Line Beauty is not set by the stereotypical thinking that beauty can be contained by rules or drawn by lines, let me explain if you’re a makeup lover, curious to start or to master your craft but there is no definite guide to tell you exactly where to start, you’re at the right place. This is your library to start fine lining your beauty.


I’m officially creating a space on the internet where you find everything you need to know, the labels, the products, the new tools and tips, and tricks to take your creativity and satisfied with your masterpiece, as a woman, as a powerful independent woman, classified as a Fine Liner.


I’m creating a space people will always return to and refer to as new products and techniques come about, and new and exciting brands and ranges hit the digital shelves.


That being said, I believe that anyone with a passion for cosmetics and an eagerness to soak up new information can learn how to do their makeup properly! Even with absolutely no background. I started this company and blog as a resource for not only makeup rookies but for aspiring makeup artists and for those that would like to improve their skills. At least by starting with the basics through my blog posts, videos, workshops, and even courses, you can get the ball rolling for yourself and if you already have skills there’s always room for improvements.


So… the first question that I must ask you is why are you here? Is it because you love makeup? Is it because you are just starting, have some experience but are looking to take your hobby to the next level? Is it because you are a makeup enthusiast? Or perhaps your eye on something more? Inquiring minds want to know more…


I aim to empower you, my fellow lady, with the skills to cover up those blemishes and flawlessly line those eyes. I want to give you that “feel good spark” of confidence, knowing that your makeup is lined up perfectly! See, I brought it upon myself to lead you back to yourself and to help you reprogram those limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you back to start bringing out your inner beauty with my in-depth makeup tips and secrets.


We don’t need it to be flowery; we can peel back the layers of our beauty to reveal the myth behind the public persona. So, don’t let mainstream (social media, magazines, ads, etc.) out there waste your time. Please do your homework, burn your textbooks, and show the world what beauty is!


Okay, here’s my plan… I want to make Fine Line Beauty the number one go-to source for all your makeup needs.


One of my favourite quotes, that expresses my views:

“All women are pretty without makeup but with the right amount of makeup they can be pretty powerful.” – Bobby Brown.


I realized my path was laid out in front of me after I mastered my look and that there is a desire from women of all ages who never had any guidance to learn the beautiful artistry of makeup. I love working with people who soak up information. Everyone has potential. I have never met anyone who could not master the skills needed, but many who lacked the confidence to try it. I am a true believer that there is always more to learn, and I love the process. Having my own business allows me to help women enhance their features and to help them build their confidence to make them feel empowered. If you know and understand more about applying your makeup, using the right tools, finding the colors that work for you, and perfecting the basic techniques-you will feel unstoppable with your boldness and transformation.


I want to empower women no matter what stage in life they are in, cause beauty is a journey, not a destination, and if you can’t find beauty in your imperfections, no one else will.


Growing up, I didn’t have the opportunity to play with makeup, shortly after I turned 18, I had my first experience with makeup and then decided to teach myself all that I could, I purchased makeup with no idea what to do, followed all sorts of tutorials, and failed miserably. My journey with makeup has been ongoing, even though I consider myself an expert today, and even after I qualified for professional makeup artistry, my journey of learning never ends! I have always strived for excellence. The success story can be expressed through the perfection of your makeup! I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment when seeing someone’s face light up once their makeup is done, whether I’ve done it, or they’ve done it by themselves with guidance from me. I live for the look of confidence and self-love that instantly crosses a client’s face when she looks back at herself and since I love coaching and educating, I’ve taken all my knowledge and experience in makeup and decided to share it with others who are as passionate as me.


Beauty is part of the foundations and principles within all of us.


Makeup can do wonderful things, but it does not have to be a mystery. Applying a basic look does not require a lot of skills or an arsenal of tools as many would believe. If you are here, then you took a step towards learning how to do your makeup and if needed, build more confidence in doing it correctly.


My goal is to help and coach you on how to embrace those foundations and enhance what you already have. At Fine Line Beauty, I want to make every day glamourous, boost your confidence, and make you feel at ease. Whether it be with your newfound skills through a makeup workshop, once of makeup application, or through my blog, you can be assured that I will cross the boundaries-straighten the lines whilst flipping hair and redefining the rules.


As said, I’m here to service all your beauty needs. If our looking for a special occasion makeup application, book me as your makeup artist. I host group workshops and one on one makeup lessons and can assist you with your makeup shopping. I bring a wealth of experience to clients of any age with any request for all occasions. I am based in Pretoria but with my company, I’m able to come straight to you! I also offer consultation and bridal makeup services, as I work as a freelance artist. You can expect top-notch quality and professionalism in all my work and services.


I am an encouraging and conscious woman who’s willing to listen and learn new things as I strive to be the greatest version of myself.


I want to help you, teach you, guide you that by fine lining your beauty you’ll become a more powerful woman.


Love, Lizelle