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Screamer Telecoms Internet Service provider

Award-winning Business Network Solutions, Fibre internet & Wifi service provider that offers the best wifi uncapped deals & fiber deals.


Screamer Telecoms internet service provider is an award-winning Business Network Solutions, Fibre internet & Wifi service provider that offers the best wifi uncapped deals & fiber deals.

Look at us as your one stop IT Solutions and Managed IT Support service provider with specialists that understand the quality and reliability demanded by Residential and Corporate networks.

We do not make use of any other ISP Internet service providers network services therefore we can make sure that you are always connected to fast wifi & we can offer you the cheapest uncapped wifi deals, even @ places where other Telecoms & fibre internet service providers can’t assist.

Do speed test anytime to see that you are getting what you are paying for.

Our free wifi connection offer + range of wifi router deals & fiber deals, with no upfront cost are just some of the reasons why Screamer Telecoms Internet service provider has been voted SA’S best ISP by my broadband.

Screamer Telecoms offer a wide range of fibre | wifi | telecommunications | voip & internet solutions for businesses & home and remain SA’s most trusted uncapped Wireless internet & business broadband fibre internet service provider since 2000.


  • IT infrastructure design & IT integration & Managed IT support services
  • Business Wireless Wan Network solutions | Secured Wans | VPN Technologies with full network maintenance and support.
  • Business Fibre broadband | Fiber internet | Fibre in my area with fibre deals from R299
  • Uncapped wifi | wireless internet | Uncapped home wifi deals from R499
  • Wireless Lans | Virtual Lan network connections
  • Network security solutions – Antivirus Firewall protection
  • Telecommunication systems – Business telephone systems | VoIp Solutions | PABX systems | Hosted PABX
  • SD Wan failover– (Software defined wide area network)
  • TV Box for sale (rental)

Business Wireless Wan Network solutions | Managed Wans | VPN Technologies | WAN Security

We are THE trusted leaders in making sure that your business stays connected with ultra-secured Business fibre optic broadband, VPN Technologies, and high-performing Wireless Wide area Networks solutions (Secured WAN Solutions).

Uncapped Home wifi | Uncapped internet without a Telkom line | Wifi deals for Home

Get uncapped Wifi & free wifi connection setup + a free wifi router.

Explore more on Screamer’s wifi uncapped & fibre internet + get the best wifi uncapped deals & fiber deals in my area.

  • Get your family connected with Screamer’s wifi uncapped within 3 days.
  • No Telkom ADSL / DSL / No Telkom landline required or rain wifi.
  • No throttling of your wifi speed
  • Free wifi connection
  • Free wireless router
  • Cheapest deals for wifi in your area

How to get our wifi s

Screamer Telecoms wireless internet uncapped service & the best wireless uncapped wifi deals are available across SA. Screamer Telecoms offer a full wifi connection service & will set up your Internet & WiFi & provide you with a free wireless router.

Deciding which uncapped wireless wifi deals you should go for; you need to establish what your broadband needs are 1st as there are a variety of wi fi deals and uncapped fibre deals to choose from.

A Screamer agent will call you to you to discuss our uncapped wifi deals & advice how to proceed with the application so we can have you up & running with unlimited wifi in no time.

Your wireless internet will be ready for use within 2 hours. You can upgrade your internet speed anytime.

Count on Screamer Telecoms to always have you connected with the fastest Internet & and cheapest uncapped data deals

Systems management & Managed IT Services

Get a whole team of IT Experts to take care of your IT infrastructure maintenance & network management services.

Our approach:


Our IT Specialists will map out a cost effective & scalable.  Business network solution & IT infrastructure design that fits your business needs & budget.


Once the IT Integration has been done, we can manage your IT services completely.


Our IT specialists will monitor your It Infrastructure & optimize and repair network system errors before they cause major issues.

You now only need 1 number to design & support your entire WAN, LAN &Telecom requirements       

Virtual Lan Network | Computer local area network | V Lan

Screamer’s VLAN service | LAN network connection.

Communicate with other computers in the office, sharing resources such as printers, scanners & storage devices, accessing the internet & emails, video conferencing, file sharing etc. in an easy & fast way with Screamer’s Lan service.

Why moving your LAN Area network into the hands of our expert IT Specialist benefits you?

  1. Reduce your office expenditure   Costly resources such as printers can be shared by all the computers & only 1 internet connection is needed.
  2. All the data from all the computers can be stored in one server. Central backups can be provided on a server, so all work is saved together.
  3. Data can be shared across the network. This would allow several people to work on the same project, but they will not be able to edit the same record at the same time.  

VoIP Service provider | Business Telephone systems | PABX

Screamer PBX Switchboard is easy to implement, is highly scalable and can provide you with advanced functionality for your business.

Screamer’s PBX System enabling you to add or remove phone lines as your business grows. Let the employee’s number follow them wherever they go. Customers can access your staff anytime and anywhere in the world as when transferring a call from your office to a remote extension, your customers will not even know that they have been transferred to a remote office.

Not only does Screamer PBX System increase productivity and mobility of your staff without missing any calls, but the cost savings you also will experience almost immediately, will leave you stunned.

Do not ever miss a call again!   

Business Telephone systems | VoIP solutions | Telephony

Reduce your telecommunications costs and save 70% on our business telephone systems solutions.

Not only does Screamer’s hosted Telephone systems offer businesses flexibility when it comes to communications, but our lowest call rates allow your business to communicate at a fraction of the cost of traditional old landline telephones.

We use VoIP technology to provide a telecommunication service over your existing wireless broadband internet connection.

Our Hosted VOIP solutions (Voice over the internet protocol) & PBX Switchboard systems can seamlessly integrate with your business’s existing network architecture.

A VoIP (Voice over IP) Line is predominantly for small businesses with a few employees. It is different from a Telkom landline in the sense that you only require a reliable link to the internet.

Screamer Telecoms internet service provider provides a wide range of VoIP business telephone systems from single line IP phones to Hosted PABX & PBX Switchboard systems with multiple VOIP packages to choose from. 

FTTH Fibre in my area | Fibre deals | Fiber home | Fibre internet service provider

FTTH (Home fibre internet) is the new modern norm for internet connectivity & easily satisfies the need for fast uncapped internet to cater for the high demand for online activities.

Do you need screaming fast uncapped fibre internet with unbeatable fiber deals that is reliable, without breaking your piggy bank?

Screamer Complex Fibre internet offers several benefits for both the body corporate as well as residents. Let Screamer install fibre internet in your complex for free.

How to get our fibre internet and take advantage of the cheapest fibre deals in your area?

Screamer Telecoms will happily invest in the FTTH fibre infrastructure in your complex for FREE. It is an open fibre internet service, & therefore you are still allowed to use whichever internet service providers you want to use, but since we are the best, you don’t need to look any further.

NO COSTS TO THE COMPLEX and the best home fibre deals for the residents. Various fibre uncapped deals available from R299, 10mbps fibre at R799 up to 100mbps fibre internet.

No Fibre coverage in the area, no problem   

Streaming TV Box | Live stream player | Streaming service

Stream Movies online for free without downloading. Watch Sports & news or listen to your favorite music etc. with our Live stream player tv converter box on any device any time you like at a rate even cheaper than your TV license is.

You do not need to have a Smart TV as this digital media player makes your TV Smart as a whip.

Screamer Streamer live stream player brings the fun and convenience back in your life.

Rental option only. –Tv box for sale not available