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So you’ve been looking for a vehicle branding company? Well you’ve come to the right place… But, we’ll let you be the judge of that, check out our latest work gallery for all our car branding work, from decals to full vehicle fleet wraps and more.


Why Wraps Are Worth It?

We are often asked if vehicle wrapping really works? Well, let’s see what an average day will be like when your vehicle or fleet is branded.

This morning you drove along one of our highways to work and parked your car. Perhaps at lunch-time you got back into your car for a quick trip to the shopping mall to grab some grub or buy an anniversary gift. This means you parked in the shopping center parking lot before heading back to the office, maybe you even needed to stop at the garage to fill-up your car. During the course of the afternoon, your wife called and asked you to collect some groceries for supper, and you make a mental note to stop at your nearest grocer/shop after your gym workout. After quite a few stops/parks, you finally arrive at home early that evening.

I’m sure by now you can see where we are going with this. Count how many times you traveled on our local, busy roads and how many people saw your car! It gets even better, now add to that number how many times your car will be seen/noticed when you were to attend meetings, functions, events etc. Now getting stuck in a traffic jam is not so bad anymore, as you are exposing your brand wherever you and your car are.

During a recent survey conducted, it was reported that 91% of people do notice vehicle graphics. It was further observed that a vehicle can generate between 30 000 – 70 000 impressions each day.

Most impressive is that you can do vehicle wrapping for less cost than any other advertising medium. The average wrap will cost between R9 000.00 – R15 000.00 and should last between 3 – 5 years. As an example, pretend your wrap cost you or your company R12 000.00 and with proper maintenance, it lasts for 4 years. That works out to R250.00 per month to expose your brand. Show us any other effective advertising method that costs a simple R250.00 per month.

How much does it cost to advertise on radio or TV these days? And what about adverts in a single localized newspaper that limits you to one region once-off?

Ultimately, I can’t tell you whether vehicle wraps “work”, but I can guarantee that your wrapped or branded vehicle/fleet will make your brand publicly visible for 5 years if maintained correctly, and even if the vehicle is parked somewhere it will still generate enquiries, which means that even when not being driven, it still works for you.

Lastly, I can promise people will notice you…and if you’re getting noticed, how much more effective does your least expensive advertising need to be?

You decide on the answer.

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