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Staalbeer (PTY) Ltd.

Steel Merchants

Promosa Rd, Potchindustria, Potchefstroom, South Africa + Add review


Staalbeer is a leading steel merchant in South Africa, with branches in Potchefstroom, Bothaville and Vereeniging. Staalbeer manufacture and supply a wide range of steel building and steel roofing products to companies and individuals in the construction and manufacturing business.

Our steel product range includes:

  • Roof sheeting: IBR, Corrugated, Widespan roof sheeting
  • Roofing accessories: Gutters and flashing
  • Light steel roof trusses
  • Polycarbonate roof sheeting
  • Steel building material: Sections, lipped channel, steel hardware, sheeting and more
  • Steel plate
  • Flatex
  • Piping and tubes
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Fencing