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Star Security Spikes

Rola Spikes, Perimeter Security, Anti - Wall, Fencing, Precaste Wall, Wall, Protection, Security


Star Security (Rotating) Spikes. Can be fitted onto most walls and Palisade fencing, & Gates. They come in two colours (Black & White) and can be a Single row or a Double Row to raise the height of your existing Boundary. This is a physical Wall climbing prevention security Product. Extremely Sharp. No Maintenance and 24/7 Peace of Mind. Incidentally, not effected by Load shedding and at the end of the day – Cost Effective


+ Easily installed

+ Cost effective

+ Security 24/7

+ No maintenance

+ No electricity costs

+ Weather resistant product

+ Rotating physical barrier

+ Effectively secures your Boundary

+ Supplements existing electric fencing

+ We Install and Supply or Provide DIY Kits from R205