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Tactical Balance

Dedicated to bring you, Tried & Tested... Tactical, Personal Safety Products & Services

1 Park Island Way, Marina Da Gama, Cape Town, South Africa + Add review


Tactical Balance is dedicated to bringing you tried tested tactical and personal safety products and services.
Tactical Balance was established to provide tactically and safety-minded people a portal to equipment and supplies that match their practical requirements. Forms (follows function and our team has worked to source and develop new gear and refine existing gear and equipment that will make a difference in training and real-world environments.
Our products manufacture and brands have been selected on merit – based on a combination of practicality, quality, innovation, and service. Quite a few of our selected lines are standard stock items and readily available for delivery while others are custom developed for us and are made to order. This means that on certain items there will be a lead time- we assure you it will be worth the wait.
Tactical Balance will also serve as a booking option for you to attend MDW and ACT training programs/workshops.