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The Best Grow

Grow your plants, grow your life.


We are The Best Grow, a local company specialising in the supply of top quality hydroponics and cultivation equipment. We specialize in wholesale to grow shops and horticulture companies in South Africa, to allow for our products to reach every corner of the country. Individuals can also buy from our online store.

We have a vast range of products available: from dryers, grow lights, tents combos, trimming scissors and many other best-selling products. There is a variety of brands accessible to all, and we cater for different types of budgets as well, always making sure that all the products offered are of great quality, for the best production possible.

We have also partnered with an internationally renowned company, to offer the services of design and construction of premium indoor facilities & light dep greenhouses for growing high yielding healthy crops.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact us for any inquiries and we will gladly assist.

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