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The Butterfly Effect SA

One small act at a time!


The Butterfly Effect was born of a passion to help animals and human beings alike. For most of their lives the founders have been involved in community work of one kind or another. After two years of working specifically in animal welfare, it became clear that animal and human well-being are undeniably linked. The concept behind the butterfly effect is that every contribution, no matter how small, can make an impact. Priority is given to initiatives that include; environment, community and animals.
Volunteers are currently involved with the following:
· The collection, transport and distribution of donations to charity shops.
· Supporting sister charities through social media by hosting online auctions, raffles and making appeals to current and potential supporters.
· Funds are distributed directly to charity initiatives via a thorough screening process.
How you can help:
· Donate second hand goods including clothing, furniture, linen, household goods and anything you no longer need.
· Donate dog food, food, sanitary towels and funds.
· Donate your time and/or share our social network posts far and wide.