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The Converted Click

Specialist Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy & Paid Media Experts

Sentrum Rd & Oak Road, Randburg, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa + Add review


Converted Click offers unique digital marketing services & strategies that strive to help companies attain exceptional and solid presence online. The entire digital process begins with us asking you core questions about your business and your needs. We then define your goals and craft a Reverse Funnel Technique specific to your business which outlines the strategy and mediums needed to reach your goals. Our services include: * Advanced SEO Consultations * Content Marketing * Membership Website and E-Commerce Set Up * Backlink Building and Link Building Strategies Optimizing for revenue – not conversions!

Our Offerings:

Digital Marketing, SEO Consultations, Content Marketing, Website Speed Optimization, Link Building, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Paid Media Advertising, Google Optimization, and Content Creation