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We are a medical device distribution company in South Africa.

We distribute the Vein Probe range of devices used to visualize blood vessels in real time. These are precise and accurate machines that can detect blood veins in a matter of seconds. They are ideal at either an accident scene, emergency practice or unit, at an ICU, Pediatrician ward, drawing blood from patients, and performing superficial procedures.  In addition, they are perfect for reconstructive surgery, such as bottox, nose jobs, etc as they help identify the pattern of veins and help doctors avoid medical complications. They are perfect for patients whose veins are hard to find, such as patients with smaller veins, infants, obese or overweight patients, or senior citizens whose veins are not visible. So, whether you are a private or public hospital, medical doctor in private practice, a professional nurse or paramedic we provide equipment for you to identify veins quickly, avoid vein raptures caused by multiple probing, reduce excessive costs caused by multiple consumables that are used in multiple probing, and help reduce infections.

For the medical doctor or professional nurse who wants to care for their patients, these devices increase the probability of a patient accepting a procedure. To start caring for your patients, send us an enquiry now!