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The Best Wines are the Ones we Drink With Our Friends


Hand Picked Bottled Wine

Delivered Nationwide, Directly to Your Doorstep.


Having lost my vision in 1996 at the age of 26, I joined a “blind” wine tasting group and together with other blind and visually impaired wine fanatics, we use our remaining senses to identify and savour the smells,aromas, tastes and flavours of a glass of wine. We do not judge the label, the price, the brand, the colour or our surroundings. We simply taste what is in the glass. My passion has led me on a privileged journey where I have been fortunate to meet the most extraordinary people who share my love for wine.

The wine makers, buyers and connoisseurs who have crossed my path since 1997 are still friends and very eager in getting the best of our South African wines delivered straight to your door at a very reasonable price. I am currently in the process of completing my Cape Wine Masters Diploma Course and I am also part of the panel tasting group the Odd Bin etiquettes within the Shoprite Checkers Group. Selected on my above experiences and business acumen, I put together a well organised and professional company. Besides my everyday involvement with Winebrands and studying, I also make time for cycling and take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour every year on a Tandem sponsored by the Tableview Lions Club.