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ZanéMoré Projects


Professional Services Offered
ZanéMoré Projects is a full service professional project company that specializes in electric fencing, gate motors, razor wire, cctv cameras, home alterations, painting, and maintenance. If it’s not mentioned, contact us to see how we can assist in making your project hassle free.
We handle all details involved with the project so you can focus on what’s important to you.
We specialize in:
 Home and Office Security
 Small Building Alterations
 Electrical
 Gate/Garage Door Automation
 IT Solutions
 Health and Safety
 Cranes
 Industrial Gearboxes
 Pumps
 Steel Fabrications
 Gas Installations
 Plumbing
 Mechanical
 Events Co-ordinating
 Printing
 And many more.
We aim to give you a one in all hassle free service. We want to be the “go to guy” whenever and whatever your need may be. Making it easy for you, to find any service by just making one call. Striving to become number one in each project, and