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Top Nurseries In Pretoria

Whether you are starting out on your journey into gardening or you have an established oasis you want to maintain, you will need access to one of the top nurseries in Pretoria. You will need to purchase potting soil, compost, and seedlings, and you might need some advice on how to plant certain flowers. 

If you are considering choosing the top nurseries in Pretoria there are some factors to consider. Some nurseries might only offer a limited amount of services while others may offer more. You should also consider whether you want a more organic approach to gardening or if you are okay with the commercial offerings of other nurseries. 

Below we look at some of the top nurseries in Pretoria that might be able to meet your needs. 

Stanler Farms

Stanler Farms is a premier manufacturer of organic mushroom compost, but they also provide a well-stocked nursery for those who want to grow their green thumbs and create their own garden. They stock a unique range of pots, pot plants, soils, composts, and have experts on hand for advice. They also deliver to some metropolitan areas. 

At Stanler Farms, you will find that their topsoil is highly effective for plants, shrubs, and even herbs. Their compost is made with organic components, making it better at introducing nutrients into the soil. Their nursery has a cafe that serves delicious coffee and baked goods, and parents can browse the various plants and flowers while their children enjoy the playground. 

Safari Garden Centre

The Safari Garden Centre is seen as the ultimate nursery in Pretoria, and for many it is the destination of choice for weekend activities. It is a haven for those who enjoy the outdoor world and stocks an impressive array of flowers, plants, and even herbs. There is also an entire section dedicated to landscaping equipment as well as hardware you might need for a flourishing garden. 

With Safari Garden Centre, you are able to wander down aisles of stunning plants to find the right one for your garden, but for those who are not fans of strolling around stores, everything is easy to find and you can be in and out within minutes with the perfect plant or pot. It is one of the most beloved nurseries in Pretoria and offers sound advice from expert horticulturists and gardening enthusiasts alike. 

Montana Garden And Pet

If you love both plants and animals, then Montana Garden And Pet is one of the best nurseries in Pretoria for you. It is created for both animal lovers and plant lovers alike, offering products such as koi fish and everything you need to keep them happy and healthy, as well as beautiful pots and plants to adorn your garden. 

There is ample outdoor decor to choose from too, including garden statues, water features, and additions to your koi or normal pond. Their staff is expertly trained in providing advice on plant health, so if you are new to gardening, you can pop in to ask any questions you might have about plants or flowers. You will also find a range of seeds for sale if you would like to start your garden from scratch. 

Flora RSA

Flora RSA was previously known as Patryshoek Kwekery and is located in Pretoria North near the De Wildt Cheetah Center. It is known for stocking mostly stunning indigenous plants, but also has landscaping tools and equipment needed for any garden. They sell large items, such as trees and shrubs, but have an interesting array of local succulents on offer too. 

They sell bulk landscaping items, which is ideal for those who might want to start their own landscaping business, and they sell small to large indigenous trees for planting. They provide irrigation advice as well as landscaping advice, and offer a unique array cycad for sale with the required permits and documentation. 

Die Tuinhoekie

Die Tuinhoekie might have a quaint and cute name, but it is one of the larger nurseries in Pretoria. It boasts a diverse array of plants and flowers as well as decor and other essentials. You will find adorable garden ornaments to dot around your yard as well as sturdy and effective landscaping equipment. 

Not only do they sell seedlings and soils, but you will also find bulbs, vegetable seeds, and trees on offer. Die Tuinhoekie is the perfect spot for an afternoon of store browsing and relaxation, as it offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. For novice gardeners, this is the perfect place to start growing your green thumb. 

Final Verdict

Choosing from the diverse array of nurseries in Pretoria can be tricky, but once you know what you are looking for, you can choose one which meets your needs. Many offer organic compost and soils, while some also include synthetic fertilisers for trickier problems. 


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